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GuilTea Treasures

Intention Oils

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These oils are infused with herbs, crystals, reiki and intentions. They steep for a minimum of two weeks to charge and amplify these intentions.

Uses: When meditating or manifesting, you can put a drop of oil on your pressure points, to your crystals or candles on an alter. These are just a few ways to incorporate these oils in your practices 🖤

Variant descriptions and their ingredients (all variants have almond oil as a carrier oil) :

Money Oil:

Helps bring you success. Includes citrine, bay leaves, jasmine, ginger, and cinnamon.

Healing Oil:

Manifests healing energy. Includes amethyst, rosemary, sage, comfrey leaves, and lavender.

Manifestation Oil:

Perfect for manifesting any intention. Includes clear quartz, rosemary, sage, cinnamon, mint, and florida water.

Love Oil:

Attracts self love and acceptance. Includes rose quartz, rose petals, lotus embryo, rosemary, and hibiscus.

Protection Oil:

Protects your space. Includes snowflake obsidian, bay leaves, bittersweet, Comfrey leaves, and St. john's wart.


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